!!! Our grandmother moon will be full on Sunday, October 9th !!

Our grandmother moon will be full on Sunday, October 9th. As you probably know by now if you’ve been following this page, the phase of the full moon is an important time for deep reflection, meditation, prayer, and for releasing and purification rituals.

Below are links to the Full Moon Herbal Spiritual Cleansing bath in English and Spanish. I’ve also included a link to one of my blog articles that touches on Mexican Indigenous cultural beliefs about the energy of the full moon and pregnancy.

Please offer up your good prayers knowing that when we pray for others that prayer makes its way around the circle and touches everyone as it makes its return to us.

May all of our prayers manifest with ease and grace.

For All Our Relations,

Maestra Grace

On my website blog (refresh your browser):

• Instructions for the Full Moon Herbal Purification Bath, https://www.curanderismo.org/…/full-moon-herbal-bath…

• Instrucciones en español para el Baño Espiritual de Luna Llena, https://www.curanderismo.org/…/ba%C3%B1o-espiritual-de…

• Pregnancy, Full Moon, & Eclipses



Q temaaaa!!! Ojalá muchos se hiciran ese baño tan gratificante, tambien ha dacar nuestros cuarzos y prendas como amuletos para cargar y sin olvidar el agua para nuesta agua de luna q tambien puedes usaren esos baños :hugs:

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Yo si pienso darme una ducha con Ramos de Romero.

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mucha raza no sabe de los poderes que ejerce la Luna en nosotros.

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la luna de ésta noche es luna mágica

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desde q empieza a oscurecer empieza la magia

Simon hoy como dices se limpian los crystales, se pone el agua en un recipiente azul para que coja la energia de la :full_moon:

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Azúl? Yo sé que un recipiente transparente para q la luz le de en todo su esplendor

recipiente azul