! El Psiconauta de la noche simple y sensillamente no nesecita introduccuon, con ustedes el gran:

John Joseph Nicholson (born April 22, 1937) is an American actor and filmmaker whose career has spanned more than 60 years. He is known for having played a wide range of starring and supporting roles, including comic characters, romantic leads, anti-heroes, and villains. In many of his films, he played the “eternal outsider, the sardonic drifter”, someone who rebels against the social structure.[1]

Nicholson’s most known and celebrated films include the road drama Easy Rider (1969); the dramas Five Easy Pieces (1970) and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975); the comedy-dramas Carnal Knowledge (1971), The Last Detail (1973), Terms of Endearment (1983), Prizzi’s Honor (1985), As Good as It Gets (1997), and About Schmidt (2002); the neo-noir mysteries Chinatown (1974) and The Pledge (2001); the horror film The Shining (1980); the biopic Reds (1981); the fantasy comedy The Witches of Eastwick (1987); the superhero film Batman (1989); the legal drama A Few Good Men (1992); the romantic horror film Wolf (1994); the science fiction comedy Mars Attacks! (1996); the comedy Anger Management (2003); the romantic comedy Something’s Gotta Give (2003); and the crime drama The Departed (2006). He has also directed three films, including The Two Jakes (1990).

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Y de donde sacó el Jack? Excelente actor!

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aaaa actorazooo dicen esta muy mal ya de Alzheimer??

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Su nombre actoral yo tambine me pregunte eso.

Exelente es poco la pelicula que mas me ha gustado es One Flew Over The Cocoos Nest :wink:

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