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March 2
Bo Diddley has his first recording session at Universal Recording Studio in Chicago, where he lays down “Bo Diddley”, which will top the Billboard R&B chart by the following June. Even though the song didn’t crack the Hot 100, it was added in 2012 to the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry list of “culturally, historically, or aesthetically important” American sound recordings.


March 2
Los Angeles Police pull over Paul McCartney’s Lincoln Continental for allegedly running a red light. They detect the smell of marijuana and arrest Linda McCartney for having six to eight ounces of the drug in her pocketbook. Paul was driving but is not charged with anything.


March 2
21 years after its initial release, “All Right Now” by Free reached #2 on the UK singles chart when it was re-issued to coincide with its use in a Wrigley’s Chewing gum TV ad.